Established in 2002 Building Automation Services has provided turn-key control solutions to the Florida/Caribbean market by tailoring control systems and strategies to best optimize the performance of the buildings electrical usage and day to day activities. Our system integrators have extensive knowledge of building and equipment operation which allows us to gather data from any piece of equipment either point-by-point or when outfitted with communications protocol.

Each building requires different operational controls and sequences. As a result of these requirements each system installation/integration is individually configured to operate as the customer/engineer intended, professionally installed according to code and designed to represent your actual facility.
Once complete your building maintenance personnel or engineers are able to sit down at the console and recognize their building and equipment. Startup training for site operators is minimal due to our customized user screens which makes all building operations familiar.
Factory trained and supported, we are proud to be your facilities source for the complete TALON open protocol system including the full line of Siemens valves, sensors, actuators, controllers and variable speed frequency drives. Installations can be custom configured your needs no matter what level of system control you require. From a simple "starter" system to gain control of your basic equipment to a more "advanced" installation which could include lighting, vav box control, scheduling, alarming, email notification and history logging to name just a few.
We are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our Siemens - Talon system integrates seamlessly with other system protocols such as Lon, Bacnet and Modbus which give clients freedom of choice. Protocols embeded into equipment software by manufacturers such as chillers, boilers, hot water heaters, frequency drives and the like are easily imported to the system database and displayed as well as commanded, controlled and logged using the Talon control system processor.  Choose TALON and get the confidence of being backed by the resources of Siemens, known throughout the world for top-quality engineered products and services for over 150 years.
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